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June 10, 2020
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May 1, 2020
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September 2, 2020
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March 9, 2020
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February 25, 2020
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February 14, 2020
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February 13, 2020

TV - EPISODICS, PROMOS, WEB SERIES:                PRODUCTION CO, DIRECTOR/EP:                   CREDIT:    
Call Of Duty League, Global Broadcast, 2020              Blizzard, Activision, Christopher Jansen               Key Makeup & Hair
Dynasty, S3 - day player 2020                                    Eye Productions Inc, Josh Reims                       Makeup Artist
Freaky Friday the 13th - Promo, 2019                        Happy Harley Productions, Joanne Davidson     Key Makeup
Labor of Love - 2 episodes, 2019                               FOX/Pearl Street Prod, Spike Van Briesen         Key Makeup
Spy Games- S1, 8 episodes, 2019                             Bravo/Kinetic Content, David Burris                    Makeup Department Head
State Plate - S3 -S1, 49 episodes, 2016 - 2018         Rivr Media/INSP Network, Jeremy Adair             MU/grooming-Taylor Hicks
Jimmy Kimmel Show, 2018                                        Jimmy Kimmel Live, Patrick Friend                      MU/grooming-Taylor Hicks
Home & Family, Hallmark Channel, 2018                  Insp Network,Tara Brown                                     MU/grooming-Taylor Hicks
Good Morning America, 2018                                    ABC, Greg Tufaro                                                 MU/grooming-Taylor Hicks
TED Women 2017                                                     Ted Talks, Disc Marketing                                     MU&H for show hosts
This Just In - 1 episode, 2017                                   Target Creative, Josh Lane                                   Makeup & Hair
Vintage Rehab - S1, 5 episodes                                 Rivr Media/INSP Network                                   Wardrobe - Ally Mahon
Extra, Hollywood Live Today -State Plate Press Wk  Insp Network,Tara Brown                                    MU/grooming - Taylor Hicks      
Travel & Leisure -State Plate Press Wk                     Insp Network,Tara Brown                                    MU/grooming - Taylor Hicks
Home & Family, Hallmark Channel, 2017                  Insp Network,Tara Brown                                    MU/grooming - Taylor Hicks
Around Atlanta with Devious Maids, 2016                 Inertia Films, Theresa Roth                                 MU -Nathan Owens,Sol Rodriquez
Home Free - S2, 3 episodes, 2016                            Bartlett Media/FOX broadcasting                        Makeup Artist
America’s Most Desperate Landscape - Ep 16         Jay TV/DIY Network, Jay Shatz                           Key Makeup
The Talking Dead- 1 episode, 2015                          Inertia Films/AMC                                                 MU - Steven Yeun,Scott Gimple
Ian Somerhalder Foundation - PSA, 2015                Omaze, Aaron Godfred                                        MU - Ian Somerhalder
The Walking Dead - S6, Ep 601, 602, 608               Stalwart Films, DH: Essie Cha                              Add’l Makeup
State Plate - Pilot & Ep 1                                          Rivr Media/INSP Network, Christy Melton            Pers. MUA-Maureen McCormick 
Tripp & Tyler Show - webisode, 2015                       Three Media, Tripp Crosby                                   Makeup & Hair
“Think. Solve. Do” - TED Talks, 2015                       TED Institute, Kim Nederveen                              Makeup Artist
“Behind the Dead” - S6 promo/The Walking Dead   Dish Network/Shadow Light Pictures                   Makeup Artist
Home Free - S1, multiple episodes, 2015                Cliff Road Media/FOX broadcasting                     Makeup Artist
50/50 Travel Channel - S1, 2 episodes, 2015          Big Table Media, Geoff Davis                               MU - Samantha Brown
Lisa Erspamer - live TV appearance CNN, 2015     Lisa Erspamer Entertainment                               Makeup & Hair
Lost in Transmission - S1 promo, 2015                    History Channel/Bacon & Sons                            Key Makeup & Hair
Married to Medicine & PTO Moms - promo, 2015    Bravo TV/99 Tigers, Glenn Lazzaro                     Makeup Artist
Southern Fried Homicide - S3 TV episode, 2015     ID/Investigation Discovery, Sirens Media             Makeup & Hair
Laff TV - promo, with comedian Erin Foley, 2015     Laff TV/Bounce TV, Bryan Slonaker                     MU - Erin Foley
Inside Edition, Lisa Lynette Clark story, 2015          Inertia Films, Chris Dukas                                     Makeup & Hair
Shark Tank - field shoot - S6, 2014                          Finnmax, Sony Picture Studios, Sami Aziz           Makeup Artist
    Featuring Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner
The Walking Dead - S5 promo, 2014                      Dish Network/Crooked River Productions             Makeup Artist
Candice Accola - Satellite media tour-TVD             CW Network, Jim Baxter                                       Makeup Artist
Vampire Diaries - S6 promos, 2014                        Kandoo Films/CW, Howard Barish                        MU -Paul Wesley. Candice Accola
“Catfish” MTV Networks - S3, E11, 2014                Relativity Television/Long Pond Media                  MU - Selita Ebanks
“Small Town Security” - S3 promo, 2013                Left/Right Inc., Michael Lahaie                              Makeup Artist
"Celebrity Motorhomes" - 1 episode, 2013             Channel-8-Ent. LA, Sayeh Bakhtiar                       Makeup Artist
"First on the Field" - live broadcast, 2012               NFL Networks, Ed O'Brien                                     Makeup Artist
"GameDay Morning"- live broadcast, 2012             NFL Networks, Ed O'Brien                                    Makeup Artist
"Georgia Salutes America" - live broadcast, 2012  WSB-TV/TRRU Event Mgmt, Ruthie Perez          Makeup & Hair
    * Emmy Award winning production
"Big Rich Atlanta" - interview pieces, 2012            NBC Originals, Anissa Koh                                    Lead Hair
"Animal Nation" - 2 webisodes, 2012                    Yahoo Studios, Anne Lilburn                                  Makeup & Hair




Park & Fly, 2020                                                   Soteria Productions, Shane Ortiz                          Key Makeup & Hair
GA Lottery, “I’m Jack” 2020                                  Shadow Light Pictures, Declan Lowney                Key Makeup & Hair
RaceTrac, 2019                                                    Radical Media, Rosey, Frank Scherma                 Key Makeup & Hair
Breyers Ice Cream, 2019                                     Honor Society, Lara Shapiro                                  Key Makeup & Hair
Volkswagon, 2019                                                Pretty Bird, Max Malkin                                         Key Makeup & Hair
Takis, 2019                                                           Barcel USA, James Lees                                      Key Makeup & Hair
GA Lottery, “Keno” 2019                                      Shadow Light Pictures, Harold Zwart                    Key Makeup
US Army, 2019                                                    Comrade Inc, Dan FilFury                                      Key Makeup
Reebok, 2019                                                      Order Disruption, Matt Blackburn                          Key Makeup
Georgia Power, 3 broadcast spots, 2019            Plan A Films, Chusy Haney-Jardine                      Key Makeup
GA Lottery, “Lucky Lucy” 2019                            Hungry Man Productions, Chris Woods                 Key Makeup
GA Lottery, “Real Estate” 2019                           Shadow Light Pictures, Mike Andrews                   Key Makeup
Georgia United Credit Union, 2019                     Abe Froman Productions                                        MU/grooming- Kirby Smart
Delta Airlines, 2019                                             Little Ugly Productions                                            Makeup Artist
RaceTrac, 2018                                                  Radical Media, Rosey, Frank Scherma                   Key Makeup    
Verizon Wireless, 2018                                       Nonfiction Unlimited, Rory Kennedy                       Key Makeup
Rooms To Go, 2018                                            State Bird Productions, Tomer DeVito                    Key Makeup            
Zaxbys - 2017                                                     Chromista, Dael Oates                                           Key Makeup
Home Depot/ESPN - Gameday, 2017                Backyard Productions, Kevin Smith                        Key Makeup
Coca Cola, 2017                                                 Gregory Miller Pictures                                           Makeup & Hair            
Reebok, 2017                                                     Honest Films, Carissa & Andrew Gallo                   Makeup & Hair
GA Lottery, “Wilson The Flying Pig” 2017          Shadow Light Pictures, Richard Sampson              Key Makeup
Mayfield Ice Cream, 2017                                  The Calvary Productions, Vance Malone                Key Makeup
Major Andy Berke campaign, 2017                    ADD Digital, Jimmy Siegel                                      Key Makeup
Belk - “Belk Days” 2016                                     Coin Operated Films, David Singer                         Key Makeup
Mayor Reed campaign, 2016                            The Campaign Group, Mark Moskowitz                   Key Makeup
Hire Heroes USA - 2016                                    Mad Hat Productions, Jonathan Hayes                   Key Makeup
Belk - “Heart”  2016                                            Flynnside Out Productions, Georgia Tanner           Makeup & Hair
Gold Bond "Rough Relief" 2016                         Wondros, Amy Hill                                                   Key Makeup
BCBS of Alabama, 2016                                    Gartner, Raymond Bark                                           Key Makeup
Meadows Regional Medical Center, 2016         Shadow Light Pictures, Richard Sampson              Makeup & Hair
AT&T Mobility “Courtney’s Magical Moment”     Max Media, Stephen Ostrander                              Key Makeup
Atlanta Falcons, 2015                                        Shadow Light Pictures, Richard Sampson              Makeup Artist
Coca Cola - Rio 2016 Olympic campaign          Amanda Bertany Productions                                 Key Makeup- 4 Olympic medalists
Dish Network - feat Detroit Lions GB Matthew Stafford     Wee Beastie/Shadow Light Pictures       MU&H - Matthew Stafford        

Tax Slayer, 2015                                                  Pogo Pictures, Steve Colby                                  Makeup & Hair
GA lottery - “Keno Villain” 2015                          Shadow Light Pictures, Richard Sampson             Makeup & Hair
Chicken Salad Chick, 2015                                PP&K, Bernie Cassar                                             Makeup Artist
GA Lottery - “Top Goat” 2015                             Shadow Light Pictures, Seyi Peter-Thomas           Makeup Artist
Home Depot “Let’s Gear Up” 2014 & 2015        Shadow Light Pictures, Richard Sampson             Key Makeup
Home Depot “Let’s Do Saturday” 2014 & 2015  Shadow Light Pictures, Richard Sampson             Key Makeup
Adidas/Taylor Made, 2014                                  Shadow Light Pictures/Jump TV                            MU/Grooming for Justin Rose
    Featuring PGA golfer Justin Rose                  Seyi Peter-Thomas    
Atlanta Falcons “Rise Up 2014”                          Shadow Light Pictures, Richard Sampson            Makeup - all extras            
     Featuring Samuel L Jackson                                                   
GA Lottery - “Cash Spectacular”  2014              Shadow Light Pictures, Jonathan Lia                     Makeup Artist
Bayer Cropscience, 2014                                   Sha Light Pictures, Andreas Berner                       Makeup & Hair
Brenau University, “Pure Gold”  2014                 Metro Productions, Richie Elison                           Makeup & Hair
GA Lottery - “Buddy Cops”  2013                       Shadow Light Pictures, Seyi Peter-Thomas           Makeup Artist
Atlanta Falcons "The Behaviorist”  2013            Shadow Light Pictures, Richard Sampson             Makeup Artist
Kellogg's "Share Breakfast" campaign, 2012     Plan A Films, Chusy Haney-Jardine                       MU/Grooming for Taye Diggs

Call Of Duty League - Atlanta Home Series 2020                 Activision/Blizzard                             Lead Makeup & Hair
Taylor Hicks - multiple performances & TV appearances      Modern Whomp Records                  MU, Wardrobe - personal
Laura Story - TV appearance 2018  “Behind The Scenes”   Trinity Broadcasting Network             Makeup & Hair
Passion Band - live performances 2017, 2018                      Passion Conference, 2017 & 2018    Makeup Artist
Matt Redman - live performance 2017, 2018                        Passion Conference, 2017 & 2018    Makeup Artist
Laura Story - Music Videos & Photos 2015 - 2020              Harper Collins Christian                     Makeup & Hair
Chris Tomlin -live performance 2017                                    Passion Conference, 2017                 Makeup Artist
Christy Nockels - live performance 2017                              Passion Conference, 2017                 Hair Stylist
Victoria Canal - Music video, 2015                                       Zack Arias Productions                       Makeup & Hair
100th Episode Red Carpet Party - The Vampire Diaries      Julie Plec/Omaze                                Makeup - Marguerite MacIntyre