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Affiliations:  IATSE 798

Local Markets: Atlanta, Nashville

Hello!  My name is Amy Elizabeth.  I am a Makeup Artist with 15 years of experience in several professional formats from TV series & promos to commercial print and video production, including live performance and celebrity appearances. 


How it all started:  I began my artistic expression at a very young age as both an acrylic and watercolor artist.  After graduating college in the health sciences I longed for another artistic outlet and began doing makeup “on the side”. Little did I know that would turn into a new love and a career change.  In 2005 I started working as a Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in New York.  That opportunity quickly led to me to a position on Bobbi’s personal appearance team, working side by side with Bobbi herself.  That experience not only taught me a wealth of makeup techniques but also about working with women from numerous ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.


After a couple of years with Bobbi Brown, I was ready for a new challenge and began pursuing an independent freelance career in both print and video production.  Since then, I have continued to advance my commercial resume, expanding into television production.  To date, I have collaborated with networks such as NBC Originals, Discovery/TLC, Bravo, ESPN, FOX, and MTV, to name a few.  Some of my favorite career experiences have been Department Heading a show for Bravo called Spy Games and being the key makeup artist & wardrobe stylist to the host of State Plate TV’s, Taylor Hicks. Through the later experience, I was fortunate to also do numerous press tours in both LA and NY, as well as travel to all 50 states.


My goal is to continuously be growing in my craft both individually and through collaboration with my industry peers. I truly LOVE my career and put 100 percent into each and every job I take.  I do not believe in doing anything halfway!


Fun Facts about me:

  • I have visited all 50 states and 41 of them twice.
  • I have a huge passion for live music and am constantly trying to grow my music knowledge.  I’ve tried several times to learn an instrument but sadly, I never seem to master any. :/
  • I grew up in upstate NY and other than my family, the only thing I miss about the north is the skiing.
  • I have a passion for international travel and am slowly trying to build the stamps in my passport.
  • I work as a local in Atlanta & Nashville!

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Photo by Nick Burchell