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February 13, 2020

Twisted Metal Promo - Makeup for Stephanie Beatriz

 Makeup for Stephanie Beatriz

Capital One College Bowl, S2 - Makeup for Peyton Manning

Makeup/Grooming for Peyton Manning - Season 2, all episodes, and all promo materials.

Conjuring Kesha - Makeup for Whitney Cummings

Makeup for Whitney Cummings - ET interview & Episode 1

Ford F-150 featuring Kirby Smart

Key Makeup for Kirby Smart and all cast.

Ford F-150 "Take It To The Tailgate"

Key Makeup

Geico - National Commercial

Key Makeup

HOME DEPOT - ESPN National Commercial

Lead Makeup & Hair - all talent-Atlanta-TV-commercial-video-shoot


Celebrity makeup artist Atlanta

HOME DEPOT - ESPN National Commercial

Lead Makeup & Hair - all talent-Atlanta-TVa-TV-commercial-video-shoot

AT&T - - Makeup for Charles Barkley

Makeup for Charles Barkley

AT&T "Just Like Charles" - Makeup for Charles Barkley

Makeup for Charles Barkley

Bassett Furniture

Lead Makeup & Haira-TV

Bud Light Seltzer - Super Bowl commercial 2022

Makeup for "Friends" and "Envoys"

Delta Dugout Series - featuring Dansby Swanson

Key Makeup Artist

Georgia Lottery "Western"

Lead Makeup & Hair lanta-TV

NBA's John Collins for Express Men

Makeup/Grooming for John Collins

Atlanta celebrity groomer makeup artist

The Talking Dead

Makeup & Grooming - Steven Yeun & Scott Gimple - The Walking Dead



Georgia Lottery Nutcracker

Key Makeupa

Georgia Lottery "It Happened Again"

Key Makeup & Hair la

Kellogg's Share Breakfast Campaign feat. Taye Diggs

Makeup for Taye Diggs

Navy Federal Credit Union

Key Makeup & Hair la

Home Depot - National Commercial

Key Makeup & Hair for all ESPN anchors

Taye Diggs for Kelloggs & Scholastic Books

Wardrobe Stylist for Taye Diggs

Atlanta wardrobe stylist and makeup artist, celebrity

Park 'N Fly

Key Makeup & Hair la

Quicktrip National Commercial

Lead Makeup & Hair

Ian Somerhalder - Halloween Promo

Makeup Artist-Groomer for Ian Somerhalder, The ISF Foundation

GA lottery "Jack Potts"

Lead Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist - all talent-Atlanta-TV-commercial-video-shoot

Georgia Aquarium Commercial

Lead makeup & hair

Georgia Lottery "Car Wash"

Key Makeup & Hair

HOME & FAMILY, Hallmark Channel

Personal Wardrobe Stylist & Makeup Artist/Groomer for American Idol's Taylor Hicks-TV appearance-Live performance-live-appearance--

Personal stylist, celebrity wardrobe stylist

RACETRAC - National Commercial

Lead Makeup Artist - National Commercial Spot-Atlanta-TV-commercial-video-shoot

Breyers National Commercial

Key Makeup

HOME & FAMILY, Hallmark Channel

Personal Wardrobe Stylist & Makeup Artist/Groomer for American Idol's Taylor Hicks.-TV appearance-Live performance-live-appearance--

Personal stylist, mens Grooming, celebrity wardrobe stylist

LAFF TV - Comedian Erin Foley

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist for Erin Foley, Laff Network

The Vampire Diaries, "Dinner with Candice Accola"

Makeup Artist for Candice Accola-King, press day

Makeup for Candice Accola

The Vampire Diaries, "Dinner with Paul Wesley"

Makeup Artist for Paul Wesley, Press Day

Makeup-Groomer-Celebrity-makeup-artist-Paul Wesley

Kingsford featuring T-Pain

Makeup for T-Pain and guest, Chef Maricela